Three Tips To Accept Your Body Exactly How It Is


The first time I saw this image, I winced. I told myself that I really needed to start working out again and there was no way I was going to share this photo online. However, only a short while later, once I had let my ego stop controlling how I viewed myself, I laughed at how irrational I was being.

The body positivity movement is gaining huge traction across the world yet we’re still being sold a message by the media that we’re not good enough. I can’t wait for the day when a row of completely different women can stand together in an advertisement campaign and it’s not seen as ‘out the box’ or a publicity stunt. Quite frankly, there are so many young and inspiring women who I really wish had been around when I was growing up to show me what real, unfiltered beauty looks like. But, I was a child of the 90s, when models were starving themselves in order to get jobs in the industry and carbs were the enemy. Magazines were full of the same skinny looking blonde girls promoting weight loss diets to us and celebs were shamed on the covers of magazines for an ounce of cellulite or even the hint of a midriff.

No wonder loving my body is a battle every day. I promote body positivity online and in real life because I want little girls to grow up with a more natural idea of what beauty is. But, it’s hard. I get caught up in the negative self talk and struggle to see my own beauty sometimes. However, after working alongside a female empowerment coach- Bek Williams (Check out her Instagram @itsbekwilliams if you want to work with her) she is truly amazing. Bek gave me the tools in order to help with the negative self talk and appreciate my body for all it has to offer me every day.

Tip 1: Positive Affirmations 

This isn’t as woo woo as it sounds. If we talk to ourselves negatively we begin to believe the words we are telling ourselves. I’ve been telling myself for years that my body isn’t good enough, it needs to be more toned and I won’t be lovable with this shape. I’ve told myself this story for so long its become exactly how I see myself. So, flip it. If I say kind words to myself every single day then eventually I’ll begin to realise it’s the truth. I began with “I am enough,” I wrote it on my mirror, set reminders on my phone, made these three words my lock screen so I was exposed to it over and over again throughout the day. And you know what, even after a week, I began to feel better about myself. Next we added in different affirmations which resonated with me and I work with these regularly to help block out the nasty voice inside me.

Tip 2: Talk to yourself like you would to your best friend

If your friend came to you calling herself “fat, ugly, unworthy and unlovable in her own body” I would hope that you wouldn’t tell her that she is and make her feel worse. If you do then maybe I’m not the blogger for you to be reading to be honest. So, why do you say these things to yourself? When you catch yourself saying unkind things to yourself STOP. Take a minute to either rephrase what you actually mean or don’t speak entirely. For example, you may say, “I’m so fat today,” when you actually mean “I’ve eaten loads of junk food today which has made me feel slow and sluggish.” Can you see how different those two things are? The first one is personally attacking your body, and the second is understanding that the food you’ve been eating is making you feel a little outta whack. But, it’s also OK to eat the cake and pizza by the way; remember everything in moderation.

Tip 3: Make working out fun and not a chore

I enjoy moving my body in different forms of exercise. However, I have had to learn when it is OK not to workout if I feel too tired to move. Work out with friends, try a new sport, go for a walk with your mum and put the world to right again. These are all forms of exercise. Don’t work out to a specific amount of time, sometimes I do a 25 minute workout and if I feel like I can do more I keep going. If I feel finished after the 25 minutes I stop for the day and accept that’s where my energy levels are at. Exercise is important for your health but when it begins feeling that it’s a chore and something you MUST DO you’re not engaging in a healthy  relationship.

So, I’m trying to embrace my body exactly how it is. It’s never going to be ‘perfect’ but it gets up every day and goes to work and allows me to practice yoga or swing so high I can touch the tree branches when I’m on a swing with my best friend. My body is great just as it is and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to treat her kindly and with grace. I hope this post has resonated with some and these simple steps can be as beneficial to you as they have been to me.

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Change The Story And Rewrite The Novel


We all know someone who goes about each and every day acting like a total pain in the backside, singing the same tune, “oh woe is me. What did I ever do in this life to deserve such misfortune? The world never gave me any favours so why should I be happy?” Maybe that person even is you.

If you can relate to anything I’ve said above you often find that to begin with you might take pity on that person for feeling this way and try to comfort them, trying to help them through difficult times. However, there is only so much support you can give someone who isn’t willing to help themselves and make their life better until you’re emotionally and mentally drained resenting their behaviour. The crux of the issue is that the world doesn’t owe you a living, you have to make your way in this world, cultivate your own happiness and learn and grow from your successes and failures. Moping around ruining everyone else’s day won’t make anyone more likely to be your friend nor will it make your day any brighter.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I have been directing you to a fabulous Ted Talk by Ellis Watson called “Disrupt Yourself or Die Trying.” I will link it here, it’s 15 minutes of your day that could give you a completely different outlook on your life. We live for a relatively short period of time and I ask you a serious question- during this short space of time you get to inhabit planet earth do you want to merely exist and survive or do you want to thrive and make a difference?

As children we are constantly learning new things and developing ourselves through a sense of curiosity. The older we get the more responsibilities we gain and eventually you find yourself stuck at your desk at that dead end job, which you said you would only stay at for a year to gain some experience and pay the bills and save for a nice holiday and now you notice it’s been ten years since you began working for the business. You’re bitter about all the dreams you once had and never did anything to achieve and don’t know how to get out of this headspace. No one else but you will help you out of this scenario. You can rewrite the story and have the happy ever after that you always wanted. It is important to learn from past experiences and if they don’t bring you joy or a sense of satisfaction, understand that you have the power not to let that pattern become repetitive.

Go outside, take up a new hobby, meet new people. Do things that terrify you because they will give you so much clarity and help you decide what you want out of life. Make an impact firstly on your own life and then share that passion with the world. Become a child once more, look at tasks with a fresh eye and a different mindset. That dull job you have to do every day at work- find a way to make it fun. Want to start that business or charity or run that event? As Nike say, “Just do it.” It’s ok to fail, those who learn from failure become better and stronger people; those who sit on the fence and never try for fear of failure never experience the exhilaration of taking the future into their own hands.

Learn how to love all that life has to offer you and don’t waste this short but precious time you have on this earth. Learn from each and everyday how to better yourself just a tiny bit more. Learn from everyone around you- even the people you really dislike. I often find that I’ve learn’t my biggest lessons from people who didn’t resonate with my values because they showed me a different view point. Tomorrow isn’t the day to start- the time to start is right now. Remember, if it all goes belly up and not the way you had hoped: every situation is recoverable- you just have to take the time to learn from it.

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New to yoga? Read about the 3 biggest misconceptions surrounding the practice.


I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the yoga community and it often really puts people off trying out a class. Today’s post is all about debunking those myths you’ve been told and giving you the confidence to attend that class you’ve been putting off for so long. Trust me, you’re missing out on an amazing community, a wicked physical exercise and the opportunity to learn so much about a practice that has been taught for thousands and thousands of years. There must be a reason people are still participating today, right?!

“I’m too inflexible to go to yoga. I can’t even touch my toes!”

I hear this one all the time. Whenever I tell people I’m teaching classes they tell me how they have always been interested in yoga but they’re too inflexible and therefore unteachable. This cannot be further from the truth I promise. I am not a naturally bendy person nor could I touch the ground for a really long time when I started practicing yoga. You don’t have to be able to get into the splits or touch your toes to be a good yogi. As long as you are fully present, breathing and aware of your body when practicing you are an excellent yogi!

“Yoga is just for hippies”

Sure, there are a lot of hippies who go to yoga but thats not who it’s for. Yoga is for everyone! Yoga allows you to stretch your bodies in ways that it doesn’t usually get the opportunity to because we spend the majority of our day hunched over at a desk rather than standing up and moving around. Some people come to yoga just because it is completely different to what they usually do and it allows them to get out of their head and away from the daily to do list. Others come as a way to strengthen the body after recovering for an injury and the hippies might come because they love the physical practice of yoga but they are also fascinated by the philosophical and spiritual aspect of it too. The beauty of yoga is that you can take what you want from it.

Five years ago when I first attended yoga I used it as another way of working out my body alongside cardio and weight lifting. I was not interested in the spiritual element whatsoever, so I didn’t engage so much with the conversations on the philosophies and yoga stories. But having those elements included didn’t make my experience any less beneficial- I always left with the yogi high. Soon enough, the spiritual side started to resonate with me more and it is what eventually led me to start doing my teacher training and then qualify allowing me to share this practice with others. I always suggest people try a class and take from it only what they need and that way the practice becomes truly your own.

“To be a yogi you have to be super healthy, give up drinking and live a minimalist life.”

Well, I really hope this one isn’t true, because if it is I am a terrible terrible yogi. I enjoy drinking a good G&T on the weekend and eating unhealthy foods with friends and I have a minor obsession with good gym wear (it’s ok if I pretend it’s workwear right?!) However, it is through my regular yoga practice I have the ability to be more mindful and open to adapting my behaviours so that they better serve me in the future. I’m certainly not perfect – nor do I ever intend to be because what even is perfect anyway?- But I practice with an open and honest place and for now that is perfect for me.

I hope you enjoyed this article about some of the biggest misconceptions I have been faced with in my own yoga journey and I hope it settles your mind if you believed any of these misconceptions. You are perfect as you are and welcome into the yoga community when you’re ready. I promise we don’t bite!

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Girls Supporting Girls: An Interview With Fashion Blogger, Charlotte Dougall


Recently, over on Instagram I mentioned that although I am a keen yogi I am also really interested in the world of business and entrepreneurship. In the modern era so many people are switching from their stale 9-5 jobs and diving into creating their own business. As a yoga teacher I am also a small business owner and I believe it is important to support others paving the way in their industry as well as my own.

This week I am interviewing the lovely Charlotte who is a fashion blogger and freelance marketer. We had the pleasure of meeting at university and Charlotte’s blog and business have gone from strength to strength over the last few years. Read on to learn more about her and how she runs her own online business whilst balancing her student and social life. She’s the definition of a real Scottish Girl Boss.


Firstly, for those who don’t know about you give us a bit of a low down on who you are and what you do!
Hello! I’m Charlotte. I always find it hard to sum up what I do as I have a few strings to my bow at the moment, but I’ll try my best. I’m a blogger at Colours and Carousels, I run a digital marketing business called Content by Charlotte where I help small businesses, startups and other bloggers utilise their online presence to build their brand, and I’ve recently started a website called Blog and Beyond. Blog and Beyond is a collaborative resource for bloggers, covering tips and tricks for building a successful blog and breaking into the influencer industry. Outside of the internet, I’m a marketing student, a bookworm and a bit of a foodie!
You’ve been in the blogging game a long time now, what advice would you give to other young women who want to use blogging as a way of promoting their message to the world?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself! There are a lot of blogs out there these days, which is great, but there’s no point being a carbon copy of someone else when you can be yourself. When it comes to blogging, you are your brand, and being yourself is the only way to stand out amongst the crowd. Also – don’t forget to have fun! Blogging is really fun and it gives us a platform to share the things we’re passionate about. It doesn’t need to be a serious business if you don’t want it to be. Mine was just a fun hobby for a few years and I loved it that way!
You are also a freelance digital marketer, how do you feel running your own online business?
It can be high pressure, but it’s amazing. It’s probably the most empowering thing I’ve ever done, to be honest! I love being in control and being able to work when it suits me most, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to be responsible for everything myself. Alongside doing the work for my clients, I also have to market my own business, take care of all of the admin and deal with my own accounts and things like that too. It’s a lot, but I love it, and I don’t think I’d have it any other way.
What piece of advice do you have for young women who want to get out there and start their own business?
Just get started. You will never be 100% ready and the moment will never be perfect, if you keep waiting for everything to fall into place you’ll be waiting forever. If you’ve got an idea, go for it. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you want it to, it’ll still be a learning experience, and you never know where it might take you! I wish I hadn’t waited as long to start my business, but I was just stuck waiting for things to be “perfect”.
As you know, I speak a lot about mental health and my own personal journey on the blog and I know you yourself have been open about your own mental health history in the past too. What self care habits do you have for your daily life?
I’m a firm believer in the power of a good night’s sleep and plenty of water. I spend a lot of time staring at a screen so my night time rituals are very sacred to me as they give me time to switch off and relax properly. I love a good bath, or getting to the gym when I can, but ultimately sleep is what helps me most. Basically, taking a step away from the busy world of the internet every so often is crucial for my mental health.
I am hugely focused on creating female empowerment and promoting strong women and help them succeed. What three words some up female empowerment to you?
Just three? That’s hard. I guess I’ll go for a phrase that I remind myself of a lot – “yes you can”. We, as females, can do anything we put our mind to.
Finally, if you could look back one year ago, what would you tell that Charlotte to let her know her future was bright? 
I’d definitely want to remind her of all the tough times she’s already made it through, and tell her that if she can manage through that she can make it through anything. It’s something I need to tell myself all of the time, really, as I don’t give myself enough credit for coping with everything life has thrown in my way so far!
Massive thanks to Charlotte for sharing more about her blog and business with me and I thoroughly enjoyed taking away some business hints and tips from this interview. Also, credit to Claire White Photography for the images too. If you enjoyed reading this do let me know I’m keen to get other businesses on the blog in a variety of different fields so you get well rounded information.
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How To Get ‘Beach Body’ Ready Without Even Hitting The Gym


Gotcha! You might be thinking that by clicking on this post you’re going to get all the details on how to lose some weight in order to be ‘beach body’ ready in time for summer to allow you to flaunt that bod around the seashores on your summer holidays without a care in the world.

*Side note: I’m jealous of whatever beach location you’re heading to this summer – my summer holiday is to the wonderful Costa Del Glasgow and not the shores of Ibiza.*

Every summer the panic begins. You stand under the unflattering lighting of the store fitting room, staring in disgust at your body. You think to yourself, “I need to tone up and lose weight before I can even consider going to the beach half naked.” Next, you start googling “Clean eating” and wiping the dust off that old gym membership you took out in January and haven’t used since. Then you pick apart all the flaws with your body whilst watching Love Island slumped down miserably with a bar of chocolate to make you feel better about the awful day you’ve just had. It’s a situation I know all too well.

I struggle with this every summer and then start beating myself up for being so silly because here’s the thing, your body is beach body ready 365 days of the year it’s your mind that isn’t. From a young age, I considered being beautiful with being thin, unsurprisingly, because that’s all the media has ever told me. “Lose 10 pounds and reveal your best you,” “This tea will shed the weight and make you ready for bikini season.” The messaging is everywhere and so damn hard to ignore.

Recently, I’ve been pretty self conscious of my body after stepping on the sad step (that’s the scales for anyone who doesn’t keep up with Joe Wicks) and realised I had gained over a stone in the last 6 months. My weight by no means is at risk to my health but I initially felt ugly and disgusting because of gains nonetheless. However, I realise that it was my mindset that was totally off. I had to sit down and remind myself that six months ago I was so miserable I didn’t even have the energy to eat; I was on anti-depressants that made me nauseous and I was always run down with spells of flu and tonsillitis. No wonder I was thin- unhealthily thin if you ask my mum. Nowadays, I’m much happier; no longer taking medication to even out my moods; training to be a yoga teacher and doing something I love every day and I’m in a happy and stable place so my enjoyment for food has (thankfully) returned once again. So of course I will have put the weight back on and it’s ok.

Things change in our day to day life and our weight will fluctuate alongside it and in order to have a healthy concept of body image we have to accept that. Don’t underestimate how hard it is- it’s a battle I’m constantly fighting with myself and I am by no means perfect at loving my body regardless of it’s shape.

But try and be confident in that bikini no matter what your size. Focus on the parts you do like, whether it is your hair or your eyes or your legs or your bum or your boobs. Focus on that bit and let the confidence shine through.

Go and work out because it makes you feel strong and empowered in your body, or eat healthily because it makes you feel amazing from the inside out. Don’t eat a specific way or do particular exercise just so you aren’t ashamed of your own body on the beach. Every body is different and we all have things that we would like to change but it’s the imperfections which make us unique from one another and allow us to stand out from our friends. If we all looked the same the world would be an incredibly boring place to live.

Get on that beach and flaunt what you’ve got. Your body is ready for the world to appreciate right now – not in two months or when you’ve shredded at the gym for weeks. Right this second! And don’t stand in the fitting room tearing yourself apart, order that swimwear online and try it on in the comfort of your own home where you can strut about listening to Beyoncé releasing your inner Sasha Fierce- trust me it works a treat.

Until next time,


Be Empowered by the Empowered Woman Project!


Fun, strong, interesting and inviting are but a few words I would use to describe Mandy the founder of The Empowered Woman Project. This woman is someone I wish had been around as a role model when I was younger. Mandy bravely decided to share with the world her mental health story and openly discusses about how trying to take her own life earlier this year was the turning point for her. Similarly to me, she wanted to share her experiences with the world and turn something negative into a positive. The Empowered Woman Project started off as a way of building up her own confidence and over the last few months it has gone from strength to strength with growing media coverage.

Those of you who keep up with the blog know that I post my new content every Wednesday but I’m so damn excited about this interview I decided to post it a couple of days early! So, grab a cuppa and get ready to read the heartwarming interview with Mandy Rose Jones founder of The Empowered Woman Project.

Firstly, would you mind explaining what the project means to you an why you initially set it up?

The project means the absolute world to me. I shared my story with the world via the blog when I was in the darkest of places with my mental health. My sharing has inspired many other women to share their own stories which have covered everything from motherhood to crippling anxiety. When I tried to end my life in March, I literally just wanted to disappear. I didn’t feel seen. Now that I see a small light at the end of the tunnel, I want the project to remind other women that they are seen, they are important and they matter. It’s a very personal project and the fact it’s helping so many people is really helping my recovery process. Writing things down, no matter who reads it, is so therapeutic.

Female Empowerment is becoming a popular phrase in modern society but what does it mean to you?

Female empowerment, to me, is the belief that we can achieve anything we want in life with the right mindset and support network. It means women supporting women and having enough empathy to support another woman in need. I think empowerment the notion that kindness and support from woman to woman (in this case, online!) is just so easily implemented and can make such a huge difference.

What advice do you have for women to use in their everyday lives to help them feel more valued and empowered in their own bodies?

In my opinion, women just need to speak a little bit kinder to themselves. Sometimes we aren’t in tune with our internal dialogue enough to correct it. My advice is to try and tune into those voices from time to time. Chances are you probably aren’t being very fair on yourself. For example, a follower of the project got in touch last week to say she had been shopping for holiday clothes and had a bit of a meltdown in the changing rooms during what should have been a fun experience. I can bet she was saying negative things to herself which was amplifying the bad experience. Slow down. Breathe. Compliment your curves, be thankful for your body and all the things it can do. Remind yourself that your body can take you on long walks, can cuddle other people. It can stretch! Try loving it for all that it is rather than hating it for all that it’s not. To someone somewhere, you are GOALS!

Speaking of body confidence, it means so many different things to different people. What does body confidence mean to you?

Personally, body confidence to me has always related back to weight. For years I associated being slim or lean with my capabilities of happiness. But as the years have gone on, I’ve had the same hang ups when I’ve reached the ‘goal weight’ as I did when I was just comfortably living life. As someone who has competed in Bodybuilding shows and also struggled with eating disorders in the past, I now just try to find body confidence in being proud of everything it can do. I have long legs to take me on walks, a strong body to lift weights and plenty of food to eat. It’s about being grateful for what you do have. It’s been interesting to discover it means different things to everyone. Some people lack body confidence due to a skin condition or even conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome which have a knock on effect to overall body confidence. It’s important to chat all about it.

Earlier you mentioned that you share women’s stories across your blog. I would love to know why you decided to use this format? Is it as a way for women to express themselves in their own voice? 

I think it is. I like to think that the project, as it grows, is bridging the gap between mental health care medically that people just aren’t asking for and social media. It’s a safe and understanding platform full of support and encouragement where women can feel safe so share their own story with the world without fear of judgement.

The project is going from strength to strength and I really believe what you’re doing is making a difference out there. What are your future plans with it all? 

The reason it’s called a project is because I’m not quite sure where it’s going But that’s the exciting part. It’s kind of driving itself at the moment! I see the blog continuing to grow and hope that guest contribution continues to thrive. The podcast and YouTube will be more lively in the coming weeks as I speak to inspirational women from all different backgrounds. I am also soon going to be seeking kindness ambassadors who I hope will fulfil some of the project’s goals in new cities. The internet is an amazing place sometimes with people from as far away as New York wanting to get involved!

Finally, Mandy, where can the lovely readers find you online so they can soak up all this amazing, inspirational work you do so passionately? 

Instagram: @TheEmpoweredWomanProject
Facebook: The Empowered Woman Project
Twitter: @TheEmpWomanProj

A massive, massive thanks to Mandy for sharing her time and stories with me. If you haven’t heard of her before then do please check out her work, she’s a fabulous woman, who deserves all the rewards of the hard work she is putting into this project. I am really interested in sharing other inspirational women’s stories across the blog so do stay tuned for more upcoming interviews promoting other female badasses!

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How to reduce the amount of time you spend online- without turning into a modern day hermit


A report from earlier this year, carried out by the BBC, found that over three billion people worldwide use online social media, and we are spending on average 2 hours a day scrolling down our screens checking out our friends latest feeds. Now, if you consider that there are 24 hours a day – and of that we should be sleeping for around 8 hours of it – we are spending at least an eighth of  our day online.

Before we begin, this post isn’t here to bash social media and tell you how bad it is for you, and I promise I won’t suggest you throw your phone into the sea and never communicate with the online world again. I love social media, my boyfriend would even go as far to say that I’m a social media addict. I think there are huge benefits to connecting with others online. Instagram allows us to share special moments in an instant; Facebook allows us to keep connected to family and friends all over; Pinterest acts as a great tool for generating ideas and inspiration and blogs and videos allow us to share new and innovative concepts with one another at any time, anywhere. However, I do believe we spend too much of our day online and if we were honest with ourselves we’re not always using it intellectually; we’re mindlessly scrolling to pass time and avoid boredom.

Last week, I spent a seven days in the beautiful West of Scotland on a yoga retreat as my first half of my yoga teacher training- more on that in a future post. Yoga twice a day, classes on the a wide range of yoga topics including, energy systems, understanding ancient texts, eras of yoga ect. I was eating the most delicious home cooked, wholesome food, and surrounded by all the beautiful nature Scotland has to offer- and of course- there was no wifi. The thought of not being able to keep in touch with my friends and share what I was up to brought me out in a nervous sweat. However, I decided to use this as a mini experiment and see how I could live without social media for a week. I must admit, day one was hard, I was with new people and when you run out of chat what’s the first thing we do- turn to our phones to avoid further conversation. I couldn’t do that with limited signal and no internet connection. Thank god! Not having access to it allowed me to really get to know some really fun and interesting people! Genuinely hang out with a bunch of yogis for a week in the middle of nowhere and integrating back into normal society afterwards is so strange. Much to my surprise it got easier and I actually really enjoyed not being attached to my little rectangular device all day. It allowed me to think more creatively, have more meaningful conversations with others and I could feel my overall anxiety levels depleting day by day.

So, after reflecting my week of being social media free I’ve come up with a few tips on how you could live your life a little less digitally.

Turn off your notifications. This one is really easy to do. For the whole week I turned off every notification to all my social media channels and put all my apps in a folder together on my phone hidden away – I didn’t need any temptations. Then, when my detox was over I only turned on notifications for apps I know I need like my email and Messenger. By not having my phone lighting up every time something new happened I felt less inclined to check my device every five minutes and I find it liberating not being distracted by useless posts and updates all day.

If you don’t need your phone on you then keep it tucked away. My training was full on, I didn’t have time to get distracted by my social media apps. By putting it away in the morning until I got all my important work completed I worked far more effectively and efficiently. When you know you have a big deadline that needs your urgent attention put the phone in a different room on silent so it can’t draw you in and tempt you.

Question your behaviours. The less I was using my phone the more I noticed strange behaviours I had developed by overusing my device. For example, there was a lot of self development work throughout the week and whenever I was thinking about something uncomfortable or something I didn’t like, I instinctively went to my phone to try and check Facebook as a distraction technique. When the app wasn’t there I had to ask myself- why did you automatically do that rather than sit with your thoughts? I found this really interesting because it enabled me to question why something was unsettling me and I could explore other avenues for dealing with pain and discomfort. For example, I would go and call my family or my boyfriend for a chat to explain how I was feeling or I would take a walk and allow the fresh air to clear my head a little. Rather than suppressing stuff I didn’t like by going online I had to face up to it and move forward which I found really empowering.

Bedtime is for sleeping and switching off. I did notice that while I was away I often wanted to scroll online when I was lying in bed at night waiting to fall asleep. As we didn’t have an alarm clock we needed to use our phones but I do like the idea of removing my phone from my bedtime routine and switching my alarm for a physical alarm clock instead. Replying to a friend’s meme tag can always wait until morning!

So, there you have it, my experience of going social media free for a week. Don’t get me wrong I won’t be deleting all my online accounts anytime soon, but taking part in a social media detox has allowed me to become more mindful of the time I do spend online and how it could better serve me doing something more productive. If you have also carried out your own social media detox do let me know in the comments section below I would love to hear about your experiences too!

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